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8 Jun, 2017
Fighting Ransomware: Lessons from WannaCry

18 May, 2017
• Fighting Ransomware & Responding if the Worst Happens

21 April, 2017
• The Ghost of DevOps Past - and a Peek into the Future

16 March, 2017
Build Marketing Tactics for Learning & Development Success

9 March, 2017
• Unstructured Data Analysis with IBM Watson Discovery Service

23 February, 2017
Apache Spark Machine Learning for CTR Prediction

15 February, 2017
• Hype vs. reality: the truth of self-service Business Intelligence

07 February, 2017
Artificial Intelligence - Transforming Trading Value Chain

26 January, 2017
• How TripAdvisor Solves Production Errors in Minutes - Debugging is time consuming

19 January, 2017
• How to find and launch products on Amazon using AMASUITE 5.0 by Amazon Marketing King, Chris Guthrie

17 January, 2017

• When Ideas Collide, Magic Happens

15 December, 2016
Scaling Agile for Enterprise

13 December, 2016
• The 2017 Cyber Threat Landscape

08 December, 2016

• How Viable is Google ColdLine Cloud Storage?

07 December, 2016
• Selenium and Open Source Advanced Testing

01 December, 2016
• What DevOps means and how to successfully implement DevOps
• How do you Properly Secure your REST API?

30 November, 2016
• Rule Over Your Data with R

29 November, 2016

• 13 Steps to Developing Secure IoT Product
• The New Way to Debug Java in Production

22 November, 2016
• Break the Simulation Bottleneck with Model Based System Development

18 November, 2016
• Pros and Cons of Cloud Backup

• Monitor with Discipline - Cloud, At Your Service

11 November, 2016
• Learn how to build a Redis Module

Recorded Webinar Videos

Tips and Tricks to VIM Mastery
Java 8 features Demystified
• Predictive Analytics using R and Java
• Practical use of a NoSQL database
• Live Cyber Hack Demo
• Dyn DDoS Attack - What We Know & Why It Matters
• IoT: Market Developments and Adoption
• How TripAdvisor Solves Production Errors in Minutes

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